What result would you produce after reading this blog? 

This blog is not a theory blog from a college professor, but a full action packed strategies for building your complete and functional Internet business including your front-end website, and your back-end list building engine system. You will learn how to build your subscriber lists from scratch. You will also learn the proven way to build your Internet business, and how to integrate the marketing campaign, auto responder, e-commerce, search engine optimization and many into one system that anyone can manage with only spending 5 hours weekly.

By the end of the six days, you will have your website ready for you to start building your list.  the contents and strategies outlined therein will never be out of date. They can be used many times over, and in different marketing plans to accomplish set out objectives.  I will also teach you step-by-step how you can also create this profitable Internet business from scratch by setting up your business, bank account, web server, website pages, email marketing campaign and start to generate a lucrative income.

The best part is that the technical part of this business will be entirely lifted up for you so you can focus on what you are doing the best. I am from a very technical background, so I know what I am talking about. Being a web developer since 1997, I have built, coded and managed many software application for half dozen of fortune 500 websites. However, I will not dip into too much of the detail on all the technical perspective because this blog is a guide for both people who have computer science degree or not. 

Why am I writing this List Building Money Making blog?

I always try to find the best way to become rich quickly in life. Although, I am educated with a masters degree in information system from New York University when I was 27 years old and had a secure and stable job at Fortune 500 corporations, I have been searching for other means of income to complement what I have and fulfill my life long dream. I wanted to be a millionaire, to build a productive system without working too much. I thought I have done everything right. About eight years after I graduate from college, in 2006, I earned and invested in 43 residential properties and one commercial property in my asset. I thought I had everything, and I was on top of the world. Life was great, and I quit my job to work for myself full-time. Suddenly, out of nowhere, I receive a lawsuit from my tenant and later on few sellers, I worked earlier, and I was tied to all properties and cannot make a sale. With housing marketing crashes, so did my investment properties tied in the lawsuit and ended up losing most of the properties through the foreclosure process and the rest of them sold to cover the cost of the suit. In 2007, I lost my primary residence as well; a nearly 6000 square feet brand new luxury home that I have just purchased previous years with 30% money down. I thought I can take care of the debt but had to opt for Chapter 13 bankruptcy two years later, and had to accept food stamp for five months. I then applied to mediate for my kids because I have to make sure all my four kids had the proper, nutritious food and also received medical care. That was the down of my life, and I thought that was the end as well.

I had to figure out my way out of this mess because I have triplets to take care of and a newborn baby girl, born in 2007, and when all these things happened, I haven’t prepared at all. After many odds jobs like selling ADT door-to-door and teaching computer and math to be a Medical Assistant to students at the local community college, I return to another Fortune 500 software company and become a software engineer again. I was trying to find a way, but out of the pressure from wife, my relatives, and friends, although I hate working at the cubicle from 8 am to 5 pm, it seems like I have to take it or my family suffers. Then, I research and study again on my site while working full time, and it turned to a blessing because I went through the numerous sales training and learn the Internet marketing strategies from gurus and experts, and I learned and subsequently earned enough to support my current lifestyle.

After all this, I realize that life is so short and I should pursuit all meaningful goals, and I believe one of them, besides working at software company full time, is to teach others how to do the Internet business even on the part-time schedule. I also try to pursue the meaning of life and that is why I almost receive my second masters in theology, and I am only three courses away from receiving it at the time of writing this. We use to rent for the past eight years, and we just bought our house in the best part of the town overlooking the lake in a city ranked top 10 best places to live and raise kids. I cannot believe I can bounce and even better, fulfill my dream and reach all my goals. That is why I want to write this blog for those of you who want to achieve success in this business and are serious about it. Enjoy.

About the Internet business, although I am an experienced web developer working for the Fortune 500 companies since 1997 with few years of interruption running my own business. I never actually apply my knowledge, on the software development side of work, to my Internet business or and didn’t think of creating mine. I doubt this business can make any money because of the idea that it is so simple and not as complicated as any of the real estate transaction I have done before. Not knowing less by following the plan religiously. By studying and following other Internet experts and gurus, I was able to set up my Internet business model so it can quickly generate a profitable income for me and others. I can show you the best practice of list building and the in and out of the system setup. All can be setup and made fully functional in six days so you can take a rest on the seventh day. This system can rake you millions in income if you follow the steps carefully and execute the plan ethically. .

Besides following the action steps, demonstration of a positive mindset, moral character and the burning desire for success can help anyone attain success. Persistence is the key to success, and it is an observable trait common in every successful person in this business. Making money by list building is a get rich slow, not a get rich quick program because I have not seen anyone, including those experts and guru, in this business being able to succeed overnight. Even the multiple millionaires and Internet marketers such as Jeff Walkers, or Russell Brunson started this business from scratch. They neither have wealthy parents nor an uncle as a CEO of or and neither do I. My parents and other relatives suggest I get a job and work to retirement, which they see as a secured life. This strategy may work well as long as you don’t die early before your retirement and assume you still can have fun and play at the age of early seventies. Therefore, my point is we are working very hard to build the Internet business from scratch, and it is painstaking and time-consuming at the beginning. Therefore, I want you to have the right mindset for this business. However, I want to save you years of frustration so you can succeed faster.

With my experience of building businesses and failing in some, I know for a fact that in any business, you are selling YOU. You are the primary product. That said, I had to put myself into the habit of motivation, by putting myself into the success environment. I have attended $10,000 Tony Robbins Mastery University seminar, joined the inner circle coach program that costs $35,000 to keep mine in the right direction. I have also attended various marketing seminar ranging from small ones to an average of $5000. From those training and workshops, I learned that Internet marketing experts and gurus also build their knowledge and subscriber list, one by one, little by little and become multi-millionaires in their early thirties. But they go through the toughest time in their twenties but they love and enjoy it with no regret, it affords them the luxury of early retirement. However, it takes decades for them to have, for example, $400 million in their saving. That is not an overnight success.

By following this blog, I am going to save you years of research and tonnes of frustration. One thing I want you to know is to build a list from one to a thousand subscribers is hard, but from one thousand upwards, is easy. I am going to teach and show you systematic, piece-by-piece methods of how to do this business, and help you eliminate the most difficult part, which will allow you to develop and find your niche earlier, so you can be successful. This blog may not have a catchy title, but if you are persistent in reading it all through, and take some few of the actions suggested in it, you will succeed. As said by the late great entrepreneur, Felix Dennis, in his book titled ‘How to Get Rich.’ He said, “The world is full of money. Some of it has my name on it. All I have to do is collect it”.  You must believe money is there with your name on them, all you just need is to take action and to claim it. I hope you are ready. Let’s go.