Back-end Internet System Setup


Continuing with the discussion of forming a system of strategies mentioned in chapter 2, it is the time we hit the road. I will show you how to use those strategies to create a successful Internet business.

For the beginner, you can get your site hosted by many of the domain registration company like GoDaddy, HostGater, and HostMetro. I used all of them before; you can also host your domain there. You use the free theme to create your website in the host service provider. However, my students and advanced users should register their domain name at GoDaddy and then host at Digital Ocean. I host my entire website with Digital Ocean. Then you can create your website without using WordPress. There are many tools to create your website; the easiest way is to use an open source Python platform like, you can also modify the code to fit your need and even host the service and charge monthly as a SaaS program.

Why do you want to own your website?

For example, I once heard a shocking story that an Amazon FBA is having making $50,000 per month on Amazon but was suspended due to unknown reason and all his inventories and income were all freeze, and Amazon would not enable this FBA seller’s account without the vendor agreeing not to sell the products again. Therefore, the seller has to rush to get rid of the inventory by selling on eBay, Craigslist, and other e-commerce sites. If this seller implemented the strategy of owning his e-commerce site and selling products on multiple websites, the problem would not be so severe.

You need to prepare many things when starting this business. Set up web optimization on your site, use and share Adwords campaign. They are easy to do, and some server can do that automatically for you as well. Then you should start to write the blog on your website. The blog should allow you to add video to it. This is a sample of the blog with video presentation. You don’t have to write lots of postings to your blog when you first have your site created, but when you have more than 50+ customer subscribed to your site, I recommend committing to writing a blog at least every other week. You can also pre-write all your blog and post them to the site (automatically for you). After that, do not forget about the social media and webinar (Google Plus Hangout webinar software). You can link the social media to your website and use the Google presentation to host your webinar. Last but not the least; you can do the joint ventures and advertising. Wow, the process is sophisticated at the first glance. To avoid burning out, and producing no result, you can have all of them done for you with just a few click.

Before you start.

You need to target your products, services or promotions to your specific target audience.  To do that, you first need to create your website. In your website, you will setup your Google Analytics service, List Tracking, and Opt-in offers to your target customers. You can have multiple sites to provide different services, information, and products. You can have multiple companies’ setups and multiple streams of income. However, I encourage you to focus on only one niche at a time. Don’t try to build a music business website, a vitamin supplement website, and SaaS service website at the same time. Although these are not hard to do really, and I can show you, very few people known strategy of how to build a money making a website in just a few minutes. Besides the $5 monthly hosting fee and $2.99 annual domain registration cost, the rest of your out of pack price is zero. Also, you also have to have every piece of tool, and you can conduct the List building and Money Making activity right away.

1. Create your website and own your code.

Get your domain and host your sit e

With just a few clicks today, you can get domain, host your site, have a beautiful and professional list building a website with CRM (customer relationship management), marketing campaign, sales funnels, and e-commerce ready, etc. For just a few minutes. If you don’t need to have your domain name, and do not want to host your domain, your total cost is equal to zero.  Yes. I mean 100% Free for all the tools you need to have the money making a website. To help you accomplish this, you can check these useful resources, and I will explain in detail later in this book. 

What type of the list-building website should I have?

As mentioned in the previous chapter, after launching your website, the first thing you want to do is to create the “opt-in” form on every page of your website. You want the visitor to see the “opt-in” form regardless of which page they land first. It could be your blog page, your forum, your event page, your contact us page, your product pages or anything that a visitor gets to when he types your domain name either from search engines or blogs posted on your affiliate website. How you create a blog on your affiliate website, and other techniques will be mention later in this chapter, but my point is you want to capture your visitor’s email before they left your website. Once your visitor left your site, it is hard to expect them to come back to get their mail address again.

Therefore, you need to do this correctly to get it done right. In contrary to most of the guru’s teaching, I do not recommend to use WordPress or WIX, the two most popular webs content creation service, as your website foundation. The reason is that they are not designed for list building or Internet business. They are intended for social settings. Like the name WordPress, they help the customer to create high content; many great themes help people there. They also provide the necessary plugin with “opt-in” pages to attract the subscriber. The problem is that they don’t provide any back-end management tool for your list building need. You have to use more third-party tools to accomplish this, and the steps become very tedious and cumbersome.

The back end I am talking about can mean the sales funnel, customer relationship system or most importantly, the mass email tracking system. They cannot provide additional services like SaaS (Software as a Service) or e-commerce service that can integrate with Amazon FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon), eBay or Magento (eBay’s e-commerce software). 

I am not trying to confuse you with the Backend setting, but the problem is no one would-would suggest you use those service by WordPress or WIX when you first start your online business because many of them do the same when they first start up. Nevertheless, when they become more profitable and bigger, they will leave the WordPress or WIX quickly and either subscribe paid mail campaign server or build their system from scratch and only use WordPress or WIX as front-end system.

Do not get me wrong, WordPress is an excellent service and can provide valuable plug-in software that allows you to do many amazing things, but this type of web site you receive from WordPress may work just like a Frankenstein, horrible, slow and not scalable. First, WordPress or other similar software are not an open source system. It means you cannot participate and help to modify the code for better usage, and you cannot make a change or hire a program to make the update because you don’t own the software, you only have the right to use it.

The software you do not own the source code is not yours. You will never know if there is a problem with the program, you will fell into the mercy of their mishaps. If a virus attack, site crashes, or you have some business violations to their rules, you might not be able to conduct your business, even worse; you might lose all or some of your precious “opt-in” lists if you forgot to backup your database. The performance of the website created by WordPress or WIX is bad compared to the site created from scratch or site that is hosted on Ubuntu 14.4 (a type of Linux operating system) which is faster than the site hosted on Linux or Windows environment.

Almost all of the most successful Internet marketers, either use different service from WordPress or WIX or build their site with the functions they want from scratch and sell the service to smaller Internet marketer as SaaS (Software as a Service).That why in the book, I am going to teach you how to be just like them.

You need to think differently to create your style and brand. Just like you will never get rich by selling other people’s product on Amazon or eBay. The only way you can make a sizable fortune is to think differently such as to create your private label product, which means your brand, or launch your invention with your name on your products.