At what should I set my ‘Email List Building’ Goal in one month


When I first started out online, I was told that getting one thousand people on my email list was the minimum to have before I could launch any service or product. I saw people start their guitar training business for 500 people, and were a success and in fact, the launch itself helped to generate another 500 subscribers.  More recently, I have heard that for every 10,000 people on an email list, a business could be making one million dollars depending on their price points and marketing strategies. The number is fixed but how your product is, and how you manage these services are different in most cases. I don’t want you to think of how many subscriber you need to have. Just focus on building the subscribers list and make sure your technology and service meet their need and make sure you improve you mental mindset accordingly to cope with an increase in the subscribers.






What are the ways to drive the traffic to your website, and build your subscribers list?

Since there are so many ways you can use to create your list, I will only list those that other Internet marketers and I know. Those we have tried and successfully got good results in 2015. There are those that didn’t work well like Business Cards, Telemarketing, Website Polls, Puzzles, Games for people sign-up to play, Jokes and Humor on websites, Guestbook, RSS, Quizzes (you give visitors a trivia questions and invite them to sign up for correct answers), Prize Drawings, Instagram Photos, Marketing, Copywriting, and Web-cards in 2015. Nevertheless, I will not list out the unsuccessful ones here even though they were proven ways of list building in the past.

For those interested in the paid service like Google Pay-Per-Click (PPC) and Facebook Pixel, you can contact the vendor for the detail and those offline marketing like classifieds ads, printed newsletters, Radio, TV and Postcards, Pencils or notepads marketing aids, Direct Mail, Brochures, Fundraisers, and Hire sales are excluded from this list because I will focus on the on-line list building only.