Why List Building

 Why do you want to build a list?

1. You can automate many different actions with an autoresponder. For every new subscriber, you can send them the pre-written newsletters. Scheduled the letters to be sent to a set of time you want and therefore, consistently build a great relationship with your subscribers.

2. This business model is perfect for stay at home dad or mom, 8 am to 5 pm workers who want to have a second source of income but do not have much time, and established business owners who want to take it to the next level to better their existing Internet business. You can send a newsletter from tens to hundreds of thousand subscribers in a day, and using the website and the same software that I will give you free. If you can read the instruction, use your mouse, and dedicate 5 hours a week, you can do this. 

3. The fastest way to reach many people without paying significant marketing cost. All you have to do is to set up a website, collect email addresses and sell your product, service, or information.

4. This is a targeted e-marketing business. The subscribers will receive the particular promotion they want because they subscribed to your newsletter or service, which shows they are interested in the kind of service and product you provide. You send the email directly to their personal mailbox, and they open their email in their private setting. This is a private and personal relationship marketing. Not only are you making the direct customer contact but also in a very private and efficient way.

5. This is a great pre-sell tool to sell anything. You might not be able to write a formal sales letter in a postal mail to everyone you know. I am suggesting you provide a newsletter with a link or a message asking them to check out your recent events, podcast or video to see what you are currently up to. Set them in the no-pressure buying mood to see your other value added offers without thinking you are trying to up-sell anything.