Why bother with such a short email

 If you think that a short email address will not make any difference in your on-line business, think again. 

Almost everyone who can write has an email account. My daughter is only in her 3rd grade, and she already has an email account that she can, with her iPad mini, write to her brother and sisters. Not only that, today, more people are checking their email on smartphones, tablet devices, and computers than paper actual emails. In fact, this also becomes a trend for a big corporation to conduct their business. For example, many utility or mortgage companies already provide the options to send the electronic bill through customer’s email address. Even the ATMs around the corner or the checkout system on the checkout counter at the retailer stores had adapted this similar system. They offer customers the option to provide their email address, so a copy of the receipt can be sent through email. That way, you are not only their customer, but also a subscriber to their email.

Compared to the old way, it takes days, weeks, or months to receive postal mails internally. Today’s email server can be configured to send hundreds and thousands of email in few minutes and to anywhere around the earth as long as there is an Internet connection. The email is also much more reliable than the postal mail, thinking about how many postal letters lost without tracing each year. Moreover, you don’t need to post a stamp on the email as it is required for the postal mail. Also, email is a green energy saver because it saves the trees. Without an email account, one can be a person without a home mailbox, and no mailbox equal to no home, this is akin to being homeless. In the modern, social and influenced society, it is just unbelievable to imagine someone who has no email address. People might need only one phone number, but many own more than one email because it is free and convenient. 

How many subscribers do I need to be successful?

Jeff Walker, a very successful entrepreneur and Internet marketer said in his book, ‘Launch,’ “One customer can be seen as $1 to you for the entire year. Therefore, to quit your job or to create a second source of income of six digits, a list building to get more subscribers in your email marketing business is the first step you have to accomplish.[2]  Imagine you are a musician, and you have one hundred fans (100 subscribers or “opt-ins”, a technical term), and assuming one subscriber is equivalent to US $1 per year, then your income is only about $100 per year and you better continue working in other jobs, to pay your bill. However, if you have hundreds of thousands of subscribers (100,000 subscribers or “opt-ins”), you become more famous, and you can make six digits income quickly per year.  If you are selling bigger price tag items, you would have subscribers who will attend your training or join your coaching program; these benefit will help you succeed in this business dramatically.

Does this sound like spamming, isn’t junk email stressful and would eventually be replaced by social media?

People do not like the junk email just as they don’t like the pushy car salesperson who would follow them around when they’re looking at a car in a dealership store. I also heard people argue that the email is destroying the quality of people’s life, so many junk emails are like a virus spread on the Internet, they invade people’s privacy.

I had the impression from the majority of media discussing the death of email marketing after the launch of Facebook.com. Some reporters say that in few years, Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In, Google+, and social networking sites, etc., will replace the email and become the primary communication tools between people.

On the contrary today, more people are using email than ever before. The email service providers created better email software to block the junk emails and keep the life of people in sanity. For example, Gmail.com has designed and categorize the email inbox into Primary, Social, and Promotion categories so that junk email can be accurately controlled. This is great news to all of us because we are providing valuable service to our subscribers, we don’t send junk emails. The list buildings I am teaching here is not spam, it is a legit email marketing business, and you can sell anything through this business.

We want only to email those who have subscribed to our “opt-in” page either through a search engine or directly from our website, and we want to respect subscribers decision to “opt-out”, or unsubscribe the email service at any time. You may want to add the unsubscribe link at the top of your mail or below the message body; it is important. We don’t buy an email list from a 3rd party, and we don’t send spam contents to our list. That is spam because we don’t have their “opt-in” or consent to send the service to them in the first place.

One thousand subscribers sound a lot to me. Do I need thousands or millions of customers to survive? Does it seem very hard in this business?

The question you need to ask yourself should be, “Who do you have to be to have an email list and community of 100, 1000, 10,000, 100,000 people?” If you had 5 minutes and based on what your goals are, write the answer on paper. As I can tell, the problem is that one person can be doing the same action steps as another but not get the same results. Because the big difference is not how many subscribers you have but how you act internally?

Who wants more, and who is ready to handle it when they do get it? So if you are feeling any resistance as we progress, know that it is very normal. We are growing every day, our questions are constant changes, and we become more aware of our environment and become more experience on what we do. Remember, we are not only serving the people who are joining our email lists but also creating value, providing a solution, which will return in rich reward. Your income will be determined by how many problems you solve, the more you answer, the better you are finally paid.