What Should I do when I have a List

 What should I do when I have the list

You will need to schedule and write the blog for your subscribers frequently. If you cannot write well, you can hire someone to write your blog for you and be your part-time employee. You can find them on the elance.com, ifreelance.com, etc. You will have other writers to bid on your projects, and you will select those that you will choose to write the blog or eBooks for you. For those thousands of writers out there, you just need to find one that fit your budget and hire them to work for you part-time or on the project basis. Many of this writer can also offer you the graphic design for your eBooks cover or website artwork using Photoshop etc

Keep Your Newsletter and Blogs Clean

You also need to make sure your newsletter is free of nudity, profanity because you never know who will be checking the email in the household, and you do not want to lose your customer’s trust.

You should keep all your lists private. You should not sell or share your list with someone who is going to spam your list to trash your customer’s trust. Spamming customer’s inbox will make them unhappy and “opt-out” of your list at once. Eventually, you want that loyal customer to stay with you. You need to treat them like a friend and make sure nothing is more important than the trust between you and your subscribers. Because of this trust relationship, you only want to offer a service that your subscribers needs and help your subscriber to achieve the result they want in their life. You don’t want to be too sales in every Newsletter. I will talk about this in next chapter. In your daily or weekly newsletter, your sales content maybe only 20% and 80% of them are about your daily routine and inspiration that you want to share with others. You can use some simple strategy that at the end has a “call to action” to provide the added service. The more value you offer to your subscribers, the more money you make in the internet marketing business.

You also need to sign up a web security service and how your URL with HTTPS or getting McAfee Secure on your website. You want to offer super service by providing live chat on your site as well. Good news is that many sites have provided this service without extra charge.

Prepare to build the long lasting relationship and provide excellent communication, which I am going to discuss that in next few chapters.

 Now that I have the lists, so what?

 You can use the Aweber, Get Response or the Power Lead System to set up your autoresponder. However, you must avoid spamming to your subscribers. I will talk about that in the next chapter.

 You should not mail them only when you are selling something. In your email, you should not rush your email. You should do this in a scheduled manner. Finally, you should always relate to your subscribers when every new product launches.

 In Tory Waugh’s 101 Marketing Strategies for Accounting, Law, Consulting, and Professional, he talks about the Value ladder. However, until I read Russell Brunson’s book, Dotcom Secrets, I realized the Value Ladder can be drawn in that way and be so simple.