Twenty important Internet marketing strategies

  1. Google has changed the rules of SEO so you cannot cheaply get on the top of listing by tricks on your keyword anymore. However, optimizing your website with proper keyword phrases is still an inevitable step to give search engine the reasons to find your web page.  Whenever you have a new blog posting or any new web page created, to be indexed correctly, the keyword setup is vital. Your website should have a function to do this automatically for you.
  2. Google Analytics. To make sure you focus your precious time on things that get results, and repeat them repeatedly, you want your site to have the tracking monitored by Good Analytics so you can monitor your visitor and traffic frequently. If you get confused with these marketing, you can take a look at the Google Analytics help section or just join the List Buildings Money Making System challenge full training video here (Link URL: Please email me at [email protected] and I will send you the user id and password)
  3. Website tracking: your site should also have its tracking function to track how the visitor is coming and leaving from your site, and what page they are still on, and how long and how they respond to a various promotion or offers you’re actively promoted.
  4. Blog publishing. Post your blog regularly and place subscriber sign up box in each issue. Let your visitor know that they can share this article with others or post on their websites. It is better to provide content that your visitors can’t read anywhere, like studies related to your product and service (Advertorials) and invite your visitor to sign up for a future edition. Besides pointing to your blog, you can do the guest posting as well.
  5. Set up Forums on your website and follow discussion forums on other sites. You can invite forum guests to sign up.  When you see any topic, you can answer, you can come up and answer, and you can mention your services too. Also, offer free help on another forum when you can in any of the select areas that are in your niche. This is to build a long-term reputation of your business.
  6. Provide any new event like Webinar, workshops, talk sessions, seminar, Industry events, Skype events, and post it on the site to give a visitor the opportunity to register for an event.
  7. Post video presentation about your service, product, and reviews to convert those repeated visitors to subscribers. Invite them to share their views and offer to thank you gift in exchange for signing up to a future presentation.
  8. E-commerce. Activate your shopping site with at least a PayPal shopping cart on the checkout to sell free products but ask the visitor to pay the shipping cost. This way, you will capture email, and address to up-sell to them in the future. If you sell information, music or service instead of physical products, you can create Free CD/DVD and charge your visitor for the shipping only. The deal to collect their information. You can also create Amazon FBA to sell your product or service, gather leads, or create an eBay account to auction off your report or eBooks and collect leads.
  9. Create an online Chat function. This is one of the ways to interact with visitors and convert them into the subscribers in real time while they are on your website. Your website should have this function.
  10. Membership Site. A paid or a free membership site to attract visitors to sign-up and gain access. It is necessary for every website.
  11. Consulting, mentors and coaching. Offer your help through the ‘contact us’ or ‘sign-up’ form. You can provide them one or one education, or consult service to help them achieve their goal faster.
  12. You can add powerpoint or video of the online course like Udemy courses ( It is easy to set up your written or recorded course on the Udemy site.  You just need to add sign up boxes or a form on your website to direct the students to be the subscribers as well. Although I strongly encourage you to write your course material as an eBook, you can produce a manual or article for your course as well. That way, you just need 2-15 pages to cover the entire course. But if you don’t have anything written yet, or you do not want to write, you can hire a co-writer from Elance website ( to get started.
  13. The course you have written or special reports you have built in the past can be compiled into one and be published as an eBook.  Most people enjoy reading the book that is related to the topic they like and therefore, helps them to better their life or solve their problem.  You can create your author website on with your site link and attract the reader to sign up for your newsletter.
  14. You can turn your eBook into an audio book or audio clips, and use it to invite your readers, to sign up and download the complete audio book.
  15. You can add video presentation to your eBook, and then upload to for a free chapter’s introduction or special presentation to show viewers where they can sign up for the accompanying eBook.
  16. You can host your radio show and broadcast your infomercials.
  17. You can create your own SaaS (Software as a Service) company and provide the service to the subscribers. If you are not a programmer, you can hire one or contact us because we can build software that fits your need.
  18. Affiliate program. Post your ads, sponsorship or write an article about how your service or product can help them, as your affiliate.  On your affiliate program, you may want to invite your visitors to sign up your list through the link to your site. You can also make the link exchanges with your affiliate and encourage the visitor to sign up and share the list with your affiliate.
  19. Joint Venture and Partnership. If Affiliation cooperation works well, you can create joint ventures to team up with the others entrepreneur to swap ads to share with lists to generate more sign-ups, or to help each other through partnership and offer your new products. You team up and offer your best in the relationship; others offer their strong area as well.
  20. Press Releases. When you have news or article, you can submit one to the public press release site like PRWeb ( for coverage. In the Press Release, you want to add your website link so the reader can click the link to request more information from you or subscribe to your newsletter.