Time Management

 You must manage your time well. You need to plan the night before for your day. You need to know what you are going to do tomorrow and write it down in, at least a piece of paper and sleep on it to let the subconscious to help you to do the rest of the tasks while you are sleep. The subconscious will be just like an autopilot, and it will gear you to the correct direction that you are planning during your sleep. If you fail to do so, you will like to take a cab in the New York City and when a taxi driver ask you where are you going? You said, “I don’t know just drive.” That is not an excellent business strategy.

Also, all activities must plan, rehearsal in your though before it can be anticipated. Just like a dance choreographer, singer or movie stunt person to plan his acts before he even performs it in the real action or before the public. If you don’t plan, what can you anticipate? A perfect 10?  The Russia researcher on their Olympic team in the 1950s already discover the incredible power of the subconscious mind that an athlete can have a mental exercise only in his / her brain and all the mussel are moving alone physically when the mind is performing the imaginary sport. 

Attract people according to your niche

Then you might be a wonder that how exactly you will get so many emails and interested subscriber to come to your site and read your blogs and requests your promotion or informational products? That is how the “opt-in” list mention earlier comes in. You want only to target your marketing to the right groups. You don’t want to send a bunch of cat’s products to people who own dogs, or worse, to those who doesn’t like cats for some reasons. You need to think of your list like a congregation. Yes, a congregation just likes a church congregation. I think Russell Brunson’s book, DotCom Secrets, describes the concept of the congregation the best. He said your goal in list building should be focused on grouping those seemly different people into special corners in your specialized niche and makes you possible to get into the business with them. It just like a church that people come from different ethnic, culture, language, even intellectual background but you groups them together. Depends on your product or service, you can group Christian churches into, for example, the Anglican, Presbyterian, Baptist, Pentecostal, Methodist, Lutheran, or Catholics congregation. That is how we are going to do.

How do you setup an “opt-in” page to attract subscribers? How does it work?






Here is the life example

Op-in Page

User press “Show Me” it will pop up the opt-in form:






This is another style of opt-in page where the opt-in form is already in place:

After the visitor enters their information, they will receive an email to confirm the subscription. This information is saved in the email server like Aweber (http://goo.gl/VrxSC6) or Get Response (http://goo.gl/7QAkzL) etc. They can also see the sales page after they opt-in:

Sales page sample:

You will also receive an email from your email server. Below is an example of an email sent from Aweber to notify me that there is a new subscriber.





If you sign up the Aweber account through “http://goo.gl/VrxSC6”, please contact me and I will provide you the code to have my completed auto response sequence email free.

Here is the dashboard from Get Response:

Here is the dashboard from Aweber:

You may have seen so many websites that have big or small pop-up box, or a form for accepting name and email on the sides, bottom or top of the web page. They mostly ask a visitor to enter his name and email (and most of the time just email) in order to receive freebies mostly reports, ebook, free video, a free class, a software, free membership or periodic newsletters, etc. When you “opt-in” by providing your name and email in the form, you become one of the opt-in lists for the owner of the website. Depending on the nature of the website, you now give the owner the permission to send regular information, services or newsletter that you may or may not wish to receive, but can only be undone when you “opt-out” the service.  Now you understand what “opt-in” and “opt-out,” are. The next question is how can you make money from the “opt-in” list?

Never trust the vast mountain of conventional wisdom that you just need to get lots of emails and market your service or product to them and you will be automatically successful. You should not focus on finding the email lists or even buying them at the first place. You should cultivate and build your email list one by one. This is not a get rich quick scheme, but a get rich slow long-term plan. If you have a job, I will not recommend quitting your job and start a new on-line business in few months or a year. Although some people might be able to accomplish such an incredible feat, but usually, we only see the tip of the ice bag. Someone might already have thousands of customers that they don’t do anything about it, or they are experienced software developers that have created half dozen of email marketing website for the various entrepreneurs. These knowledgeable business owners have just learned what you are going to learn in this book, and be able to create a vast amount of fortune and be able to quit their job in few months; I doubt if a reader of this book has achieved such. 

It is important to know that the “opt-in” list that you have acquired through your website are those subscribers who are genuinely interested in your service or something you have to offer. They have seen your website, read your blogs, and have read your eBooks or researched on your credential; they want to know you and curious how you can help them to succeed. They want to see the result, and they hope you can provide to them, not someday but now. Now, you get the opportunity to open up yourself to them in the blog and forum, and you are building a long-term relationship with them. You treat them like old friends, and so does them. This is the essence of the List Building to make money strategy, which I am teaching here. Anything deviate from this concept will really rip you apart somewhere around the line, and you don’t want to do that. This is also the reason I want to write this book to help new on-line email marketers and provide service and result to the community and share the same goal, which is our enthusiasm, passion, and vision of a better world.

In your opt-in page, you should also use the A/B split-test to trace which subject line, which style of “opt-in” form, which landing or squeeze page generate the most result for you.