The Hidden Secret

 Body: When I first learn Internet marketing, I was very concerned because I didn’t have any credential, and experience in the area. Nevertheless, helping other people to achieve their goals become an interest to me In just a few month after I started, I begun to receive positive feedback from people telling me how I opened up their eyes and help them not to build a total confidence in the Internet business. Interesting, anyone I help open up a door for me. I also was able to join other expert’s training class and was able to see the progress daily. I realized that this is a business that is really about you helping others and creating value.  I guess if you are here, I probably can feel that I care about you.  I have learned from the expert about the strategy and what to do and what not to do in this business. You need to sign up for my expert secret course. Usually, I charge $2,500 to attend, but I am going to do two great things for you. I am giving you HUGE 90% discount, and you only need to pay if you like it, that is right. Come and sign-up the class and you get all the best idea, and you only pay it if you love it very much. If you do not like it, you get it for free. Does that sound fair to you? Great, then go to get your ticket at the upcoming event. It is happening this Thursday at Regards, Paul Fan.

Email #5: You want to create an urgent message to your last email of Autoresponder sequence. Remember, it is not the last email I send to people, but just the last sequence email of this particular pre-launch product offer. You want to add urgency in the last email. The urgency is to the webinar start tomorrow and only ten seats left, or you only ordered five hundred books and most of the time they are gone in few hours, etc. Give subscribers coupon that valid only 24 hours because the sales end in 24 hours.

Subject: the Last Call.

Body: I have been talking about the expert secret course this week and how you can get a ticket for free, but this particular offer is going to end TODAY. I am sorry if you read this email tomorrow you will not be able to register this class for AT LEAST $250 and I might put the price back to $2,500 by then. If you like to take it as try before you buy and go through the entire 6 hours training before you send a dime, please get your ticket ASAP here at You have been warning. I don’t want to receive an email tomorrow saying I didn’t warn you. So get your ticket and I will see you in the training.

Let’s learn how to write the broadcast.

The broadcast message is like providing a personal update (80%) and sales (20%) on the daily, twice per week or weekly sequence email. It is sometimes shorter than the autoresponder. I have received many broadcast messages from many Internet gurus. The one I like particular is the broadcast message from Noah Kagan. I almost unsubscribe or ignore the entire broadcast message from many other except his. His broadcast message is not sales and yet make you happy to receive every update from him. I believe he is one of the best Internet Marketer in the county.

Here is a sample of first broadcast message that you sent to subscribers:


Subject: Hello from Paul

Body: Thanks so much for joining

If I can write about something for you to make your day happier, what should I write?

I read all my email.


P.S. Here’s my Internet Backend Server Training.  http:// Please email [email protected] for your password. (Please don’t share)

P.P.S. Here is my book about building your Money Making website.

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Subject: My most favorite and popular blogs



Just in case you did not spend too much time this morning reading the blog from my website. Here are just some of my most favorite blogs that I want to share with you. Please check them out and let me know how you think. I appreciate it.

Integrating your CMS and E-Commerce (

The Future of Emails (

Best Regards,


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Subject: Here are some of my not famous at all quotes that I said to my students last week:


“You just need to take money that belongs to yours. Some of them even have your name on it.”

“My income is directly related to how big is the problem I can solve for people.”

I have been working hard this week to create a new code for a SaaS application that will allow people set up their database through their website interface. Nevertheless, my 9 to 5 job is very demanding, and I have to do the coding at night after an exhausted day at the work. However, I think I should be able to complete that in another week or so. After I complete it, I will share it with you.

Leave a comment on 🙂

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Subject: The 11 Books I read in the past that make my life so much different.


It was a late night programming as I have drunk my fifth cup of coffee; I have come out with the five books that I have read from many of them that make my life different.

I would like to share them with you. I normally judge the success of the book if 12 months later I still use at least one strategy presented in the book. I still use the some useful strategies from this book. I hope you may even get more out of those books.

  • Dennis, Felix (2008-06-12). How to Getting Rich
  • Chahal, Gurbaksh (2008-10-23). The Dream
  • Grudem, Wayne A. (2009-05-18). Systematic Theology
  • Tracy, Brian (2010-08-09). Goals! How to Get Everything You Want
  • Tracy, Brian (2011-06-07). Maximum Achievement
  • White, Ron (2011-11-22). Memory Improvement
  • Branson, Richard (2011-08-04). Screw It, Let’s Do It
  • Boc, Victor (2013-04-05). How to Solve All Your Money Problems Forever
  • Stevens, Mark (2014-04-10). Your Marketing Sucks
  • Thiel, Peter; Masters, Blake (2014-09-16). Zero to One
  • Norris, Dan (2014-09-26). The 7-Day Startup
  • Kagan, Noah (2014-10-22). How I Lost 170 Million Dollars
  • Cannon, Jesse; Thomas, Todd (2014-04-06). Get More Fans
  • Author, David (2014-10-29). Disappear Without a Trace
  • Wilson, Julia (2014-11-26). Life Organization in 1 Month
  • Schwartz, David J (2014-12-02). The Magic of Thinking Big
  • Glenn, Richard (2015-03-09). How to Write Your Essay in Half the Time



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