More about the Autoresponder


You want to set up your sales funnel to win the Internet marketing business in the long term. You can use autoresponder and broadcast to accomplish this. But what are the autoresponder and Broadcast and what is the difference?

1. Autoresponder:

The autoresponder is for new subscribers, and the broadcast message is for all subscribers. The autoresponder can be the bonus education you promise for your new subscribers or the pre-launch of your product. It can be pre-recorded. When you setup the autoresponder. You want to make sure your new subscribers to receive your four sequences as a opera sequence. If you want to see a good example of the autoresponder sequence, you can refer to the DotCom Secrets. An autoresponder is also sometimes referred to as Pre-launch technique. Depends on how you use it in your marketing process.

2. Broadcast:

The broadcast message to all your subscribers about you weekly or twice weekly Seinfeld sequence update. Your broadcast message should be all up-to-date information, and you can add new service, special discount, and webinar, events in the announcement. It is something when you need to contact all of your subscribers about an important announcement. You can also segment your list in the broadcast messages. Your target groups should be based on specific interest, and you want only to send them the relevant information.

Let’s learn how to write the Autoresponder first.

An autoresponder can be used as an introduction to your business, providing them with consecutive email for 5 to 7 days, and sometimes it contains the upscale for your valid added service or product. This is also a type of marketing strategy called Pre-launch. Pre-launch is a type of autoresponder sales series because, according to the other top sales firms’ research, they say many people need to hear a message four to seven times before they will make the decision to buy. Therefore, when you have a new product, setup up a special four to seven sales letters, each sharing a little more info than the last.

Here are5 consecutive emails for an autoresponder example:

Email #1: This is a thank you note and lets people receive a warm welcome from you and set the stage to email your subscribers frequently.

Subject: Welcome

Body: Hi, my name is Paul Fan. I want to say officially Thank you, and I appreciate that you join our website. About six years ago, I started my first Internet business after I file for bankruptcy and don’t know what else I can do, I start to learn the Internet marketing and use it as my 2nd income while I am working for various odd jobs.

I wait to help you also succeed in this business, and that’s why I have provided superb information for you gives you a good start. You only pay me if it produces the result for you. I want this relationship a last long one and to have an excellent start, so I want to give you a gift so it will help you in this Internet market tremendously. Sounds cool? Please look for tomorrow’s email and the subject line is “Why getting two masters degrees is a wrong idea.“

Email #2: This is a high drama email. You have the reader waiting for the gift and waiting for your email. It ‘s nice to start the story now.

Subject:  Why getting two masters degrees is a wrong idea?

Body: I have two master degrees, but my life is still a failure. Sometimes my kids are not doing so well on the test, and my wife will be very mad, and I felt like it is okay because the school will not help you succeed in the real world anyway? I am not against the education, but most people succeed because they continue to learn, and they are street smart, not the exam smart. Being having to drop out of Doctor’s degree and own two master degree is weird for many people. However, my point is that masters or doctorate can only help you earn a living but not live the life you desire.

It’s okay that if you declare bankruptcy, the house goes through foreclosure and pile of credit card debt; it is all fine. Just two years ago, I found something I liked and turned it into a business. Would you like to know what I found out? Are you interested in how I was able to get my idea up and without any money while still need to take care four kids and spend valuable time with my wife? If so, then look for my email tomorrow. I am going to show you how I can start this business from scratch, and so you can get the same result. The email subject line will be “I wish I can work 300 hours per week”.

Email #3: By now, your subscribers are hooked, and they want to know and buy your solution to hopefully solve their problem.

Subject:  I wish I can work 300 hours per week

Body: After I had my first master’s degree, I was happy. However, I felt nothing when I got my second master degree. I assume my professor is making about eighty thousand dollars per year. If my professor has to work 40 hours per week, that is about $35 per hour. Then looking at the book I bought from at $15 yesterday, the writer said she record daily sales of 100 copies last year. Putting everything together, I discovered that at $50 per book, he makes an average of $5000 per day, a whopping sum of $540000 per year. That is equivalent to almost working at 300 hours per week. However, this author never had to spend 40 hours in front of the classroom in a week, but my professor, in addition to that, has to spend extra hours on consulting students and grading exam papers. I thought that was cool and is better than that higher income I have made in the past.  In my former real estate business, I have to work 80 hours just to earn close to that result, and I was tired and disliked by tenants, investor, creditor, and bankers, and I sometimes want to fire myself but I cannot because I own my own business

It is unbelievable that someone can make half-a-million selling in just one year, and the knowledge seems to be better in front of the mass population instead of one single classroom. In fact, I have seen my friends turn fifteen-dollar investment into a million-dollar-a-year business. I have posted the video here:

Please check it out and let me know how you think? Thanks, Paul.

P.S. I will show you the special benefits that experts in Internet business will give you but without careful analysis, you would not know it exists. Watch out for “The Hidden Secret” tomorrow.

Email #4: You may want to provide good stuff, something of benefit or a not so obvious secret that can help your subscriber make money and likewise build confidence in his business.