Increase your credibility

Finally, your email should be educational. You want them to pre-frame you as a Authorities person, a teacher, a professor; experiences mean that you can teach them things, and you are helping them, and you are confidence.  That information you sent to the customer should trigger your customer to learn and see how they can improve their life by using this information.

You need to establish yourself as an authority in the field. That’s why I always suggest my students to create a class in the Udemy or at lease post a half dozen of video on the Youtube or their websites presentation to establish the authority. You don’t want your potential buyer to see you as a regular Mr. or Mrs. Smith that they typically see on the street that won’t bother and don’t want to brother anything related to their problem. You want to start in front of them and yell your loud voice says your problem is my solution. Of course, you cannot be a Gene says, “your wish is my commands”, but it is the same concept, got it?

If at this point, you don’t want to solve people’s problem then how do you able to become a success? You might say I am scared of other people and afraid that they are taking advantage of my time, my service or products. But isn’t that are we trying to accomplish? Also, that’s why I keep emphasizing the power and importance of the ideal customers is to the success of your business. Think about your perfect client, feel relax and confidence before you send an email or response to blogs. When time comes, people say around 21 days to press your conscious mind to the subconscious mind; it will become your second natures.

You must believe that you can do the Internet business to succeed. To be an authoritative person, you need to be a master in your particular market niche. Josh Kaufman says you can learn anything in just 20 hours. Those 4 hours per day for one week or 2 hours per day for two weeks. The key I want to emphasize is that Josh is talking about master that thing, not merely knowing it for the thing you want to learn in 20 hours. This not only applies to the topic we learn in the school but also apply to the instrument learning, language learning, and even the list buildings as well, etc. I have seen someone with little or no knowledge about guitar and because a pro in only four chord and able to play 20 songs without the need to look at the music score or lyrics. May guitar learner still cannot play a song after eight weeks worthy of a lesson. How do they do that? It is a mental thing as well. If you believe you can do it in 20 hours, then you can do it. As Henry Ford said, if you feel you can do it or you cannot, you are correct.

While you are building your list, you should study your niche and make it authority and something you can talk about through the product launches. You must show your customer of your confidence; you are of course. I would also suggest you write the thing you learn from about 50 pages or more, and publish it as an eBook to build your credibility. Well, you do not have to publish a book to build credibility, but it is one of the most efficient ways to create credibility as known so far. Think about how many published speakers were introduced to be an author or of a book or books, or even better, the number#1 New York Time, a bestseller. Well, you don’t have to be a #1 New York Time best seller to succeed in this business, as a published author at the Amazon Kindle eBook is good enough, but of course, you should set your goal higher each time. Also writing a book will help you summarize everything; summing everything into a book will help ease teaching people about what you know.

You also want to set your goal higher. Imagine if your goal is to shoot the bull eye on the top of a tree. The problem is that if you aim the top of the tree, you might shoot in the middle of the tree and miss the bull eye. However, if you aim a little higher just above the top of the tree, you may well just hit the target that is at the head of the tree.

Once you have built this credibility, or you just start and has nothing to show your credibility, that all okay. Just make sure you introduce yourself nicely at your opt-in page or pop-up page or even better, at the squeeze page. A page after the opt-in page, or the Internet search engine or through the paid advertises, at the opt-in page or pop-up page, the next page or squeeze or landing page should show your credibility or testimony.

Four simple ways to build your credibility:

1. Take about your experiences not only online but also an offline business, the place your work before, how you help the company to grow. Just like your resume, you want to let the customer know that you did this and did that and who is a benefit and why everybody are so impressed and happy.

2. You want to show them a picture of you and your customer or someone that is also an expert in their chosen niche like a star or subject matter guru. Although today, almost every graphic designer know how to use the Photoshop to add the celebrity beside you I will never do that. If you do not have a star shot, just post you with your family, your family are your celebrity. Alternatively, you can post your teacher, professor, church pastor, even your friends. They are all your celebrity because they are well known to you. The key is that customer doesn’t know the person beside you does not matter. They just want to see something good and positive about them so they can relate. No one wants to do business with an insane person, or a person who doesn’t want to show his or her pictures; unless you have already established a well-known business built by someone, your parent, partner, friends, and you want to remain unanimous. Otherwise, I assume you are reading here because you are a sole entrepreneur, and you want to make a six figure income in one year and quit your job, or you still want to keep your 8 am to 5 pm job and still earn an extra six-figure; that’s fine too.

3. You want to learn how to show your story to others. You want to show your customer that you use to be the same situation with them, Isn’t it true? Every significant achievement was initially an idea hidden somewhere.. Not everyone is born with a silver spoon. It is okay you tell your customer that you lost your job, benefits, and I have to collect unemployment benefit. At some point in your life, you had to file chapter 13 bankruptcy. You lost your house due to foreclosure but now, doing odd jobs here and there, you are back on your feet. Nothing can stop you from helping other now that you are back on your feet, you can help others do the same. I have experienced all the above setback in my life, but it is also up to you to break through these setbacks and succeed. 

4. Use online course to build credibility over time. You want to write your e-course either in the Udemy ( or on your website. It must be something that will establish you as a subject expert and educational. You can configure your autoresponder to send the newsletter with the e-course every day or every week. The frequency of the course is often crucial. Normally daily e-course at the beginning is better than weekly e-course. When your subscriber reads your courses over time, you can pave your way to earning their trust and create an impact in their mind.