Implementing video Marketing strategy Part 3

For the first part of this tutorial, we talked about the Feedburner podcast broadcasting sharing:

Then on the second tutorial of this series, we spoke of the document sharing through these sites

  • (or .net)

Now, you can start marketing your content through videos. That is what we are going to focus on today. If you already launch the video marketing and have many subscribers including your friends and family following you up on your video from your channel, it’s great. If not, we are going to talk about YouTube video setup:

After the new Google Panda was introduced, SEO got less and less super important; but it still plays a role, in my opinion, in the realm of internet marketing.

The reason is that the Google Panda’s results ranking algorithm has aimed to lower the rank of “low-quality sites” or “thin sites”, and return higher-quality sites near the top of the search results. Therefore, even when you do the SEO carefully on the site or your pages, you may still not rank on the upper part if the content on your site is “low-quality”. Therefore, you need to make sure your content is good as well.

I am not sure of the definition of “low-quality” by Google, but I would suggest you write your original blog and exchange blog with other sites to make your blog more dynamic. Google Panda creates a ratio with a site’s inbound links and reference queries, search queries for the sites brand; therefore, the content of the website is imperative.

Why am I mentioning this, it is because the only type of content that remains unaffected by this algorithm change is the video? Yes, the video marketing strategy has not been modified since 2011. It is time to learn how to market your video now.

Before we get started, I want you to know that if you want to do this, you must have a burning desire to succeed. If you are just trying to find a way to get a quick profit in this business, that kind of mentality will not work very well and will stop you from getting results.  The secret of this business is to love people. I can tell you that if you do not have a passion to help others to succeed by producing good contents to help others and to create value for others it will be hard to achieve in the long term. 

The fact is that you must know that even though you have maybe 80,000 subscribers, with 10 million views, and you have 1000 video on the YouTube, you may just make a few hundred dollars per week. Yes, I am not kidding. I can show you proof. Just go to and type a YouTube user and you will know, approximately, how much they make per week through YouTube.

I know those few people rely on the to make a living; they need to have millions of subscribers and millions of view. Therefore, the mindset should be to get as many subscribers, not on Youtube only, but your website.  Converting your Podcast, Document Share, and YouTube subscribers to your Newsletter is the best strategy to keep ahead.

Once you have 1000 website/newsletter subscribers, you will feed them with excellent content daily or weekly to keep them informed for your product launch, CD, book, items, whatever, and make sure they become your fan and that is the purpose of the 1000 subscribers in this tutorial series.

One thousand customers are nothing for Youtube, but will be a significant impact in your newsletter, which allows you to print money yourself.  Okay, let us get started:

How to get started with YouTube?

1. Pick up one of the recent blogs you just wrote and created a video based on that article.

2. Convert the blog article as a script; you can pick up a camera, iPhone or just use your laptop’s webcam and record it. You can use two types of software.

A. For video editing software, you can use: 


  • (Mac)


  • (PC)
  • (Mac)
  • (PC)             

B. Screen-capture software. You can use this type of software to create compelling screen tutorial and ‘how to’ videos. This video is recorded using the screen capture. It can also record a power point presentation and record your face actions over the screen at the same time, and you can add additional background music too. I use Camtasia for this purpose, a little expensive, though, but if you are looking for free alternatives, you can check out this software:


(Paid Tools)

  • (Mac)

3. As mentioned earlier, you can create a power point presentation as a video to have excellent video background video.

4. You can add the cursor movement and narration, transition; zoom in/out, special effects in this software.

5. Then just face the camera or your webcam through the recording software mention above, explain the key points from the article.

6. Save the video, edit it to make it flawless. For the Intro image, you can use: editor, it is pretty much like an Adobe Photoshop, but instead, it is entirely operated on the web.

For the Ending slide, you can use the

  • or just use the
  • Powerpoint/Microsoft Paint.

Make sure you have a strong call to action in the Ending part of your video.  You are doing this with the Youtube’s annotation tools. Also at the beginning of your Youtube career, try not to monetize your video because it will add the ads on your already low view volume video and you will only make a few cents on the little traffic. Turn it on when you have more subscribers.

7. Then publish the video to YouTube and other video hosting website. Many software allows you to post the video automatically once you are done with editing the video.

Alternatively, you can use OneLoad to upload to multiple video sites. If you are a serious player, you can get their Paid plan, which allows you to upload to Vevo as well. I didn’t use the OneLoad service because I like to add caption on the video. YouTube allow only after you upload the video, and because YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine (besides Google, and they are the same owner), I don’t it is a must-have video in several smaller websites, unless you have music video, and I believe posting it on Vevo is a must; otherwise, post to other websites if you have extra time. It won’t hurt and can only help.

8. Make sure you have good sound quality as well. A good microphone is recommended, or you will have to make lots of efforts on refining noise in the software, remove the background noise, your breathing, etc. which take lots of time to remove the software.

9. Don’t forget to add a good title, detailed tags, and video description. Put your website or blog link in the description so that the search engine can find your video.

10. Promote the video on your blog through YouTube’s social tools.

That is it! Congratulations. Make sure you watch this tutorial a couple of times if necessary; to be familiar with it.  Next time, we are going to talk about other ways to help you get 1000 subscribers in 30 days. 

To recap, so far we have learned

A. Get the Podcast on through the Google Feedburner in Part 1 of this video episode

B. Get the document (PDF and PPT) shares on the five websites mentioned on the Part 2 episode.

C. Get the video created on YouTube, Vevo, and another site if you can and share them on the social media.

We are trying to get the subscriber to your website and to make him a fan of your site.

In the beginning, the result may show only a little improvement and even no difference. The secret is that you have to keep doing the same thing taught here over and over again for 30 days, and make it a habits; to be able to launch your own internet business after the 30 days period. Without 1000 subscribers, you really cannot see any impact on your business in whatever is your business niche. So keep your focus and believe, pray and get friends to help each other.  If you go on like this focusing like a laser beam, you will make it and succeed. Thank you very much.