How would you achieve the best result


It is a challenge to build your subscriber from one to a thousand. It is earlier to do this from 1,000 and up because you will have more experiences then. This is why I am writing this book to help you shortly the trial and errors so you can focus what you love to do the best. The List Buildings and Money Masking system built with a tested strategy to attract your subscribers, provide services, solve their problems and create values for your subscribers.

The bigger problems, the bigger have, the more paycheck you have. When you are reading this book, my scenes is that you have tried many ways to produce profitable Internet business or 2nd income for your family but yet to achieve the success status. This is where I am coming to help. I want you to take advantage of my knowledge of this business and use the great tool that I am going to share with you to start making money by the end of the six days information training. There are so many products and services you can sell, and so many people around the globe you can sell to as well. There is virtually no competition, and the result is solely determined by how many hours you want to work per week. If you have 5 hours per week, you can do this business.

To achieve the massive result and build your list fast and making money in the Internet business, you need to understand one single important concept about list building.

1. You need to have information, service or product that you already written down, created, manufactured that will solve people problem. The bigger problem you can solve, the more money you can make. If you don’t have any information or product yet, you can use this eBook as your first product to help you attract the subscribers.

2. You need to learn the proven way to attract your subscribers to sign up for your newsletter lists to purchase your information, service or products.

This is why I am teaching the list building money-making system in this book. The idea is that we want to attract visitors to come to your site and become your subscribers by providing their email address to you (“opt-in”), and we want to maintain a great relationship with your subscribers so they will not want to leave (“opt-out”). Of course, to avoid being accused our email marketing as spam, I am going to teach you how to use the correct “opt-in” process to receive the emails from your website visitors. What we are doing here is like an ethical bribe for their email. You provide the gifts, information or a solution to solve your subscribers’ problem, and in return, they provide their email address to you and allow you up-sell to them in the future to add more value to their life.

In Luke 6:38, it says, “Give, and it will be given to you.” You need to find out your subscribers needs and problems. What you are going to do is to request the permission to provide them the solution. They give you the opportunity to contact them regularly through email and provide the servers they need and solve their problem now. You must think of yourself as a value provider, problem solver, and a lifesaver all the time with a genuinely good attitude to help you to be top of this market.