How to attract people according to your niche

Then you might be wondering how exactly you will get so many emails and interested subscribers on your site, those who will read your blog posts and request your promotional or informational products? That is how the “opt-in” list mention earlier comes in. You want only to target your marketing to the right groups. For example, you don’t want to send a bunch of cats products to people who own a dog, or worse, for those who doesn’t like cats for some reasons.

You need to think of your list like a congregation. Yes, a congregation just likes a church congregation. I think Russell Brunson’s book, DotCom Secrets, describes the concept of the congregation the best. He said your goal in list building should be focused on grouping those seemly different people into special corners in your specialized niche, and makes you possible to get into the business with them. It just like a church that people comes from different ethnic, culture, language, even intellectual background but you groups them together. Depends on your product or service, you can group Christian churches into, for example, the Anglican, Presbyterian, Baptist, Pentecostal, Methodist, Lutheran, or Catholics congregation. You got my point. That is how we are going to do.[5]

How do you setup an “opt-in” page to attract subscribers? How does it work?

The option is many. You can use the software; you can use the website product, or you can create you own server to do all of these. This book will focus on the later. But here is the software that you can use to create your opt-in page call InstaBuilders 2.0. It is an add-on software for the WordPress. It was $99 when I purchased it a while ago.

Here is the Website that provides the Opt-in page (pre-built) and Automatic Response (pre-built) for you and it is only $7 one time fee.

You may have seen so many websites that have big or small pop-up box, or a form for accepting name and email on the sides, bottom or top of the web page. They ask you enter your name and email (and most of the time just email) in order to receive free gifts, reports, a free e-book, video, a trail or free software, or a free membership to receive monthly, weekly or daily newsletters and etc. When you “opt-in” by providing your name and email in the form, you become one of the opt-in lists for the owner of the website. Depending on the nature of the website, you now give the owner of the website the permission to send you the regular information, services or newsletter that you wish to receive until you “opt-out” the service.  Now you understand what “opt-in” and “opt-out,” are the next question is how can you make money from the “opt-in” list?

Never trust the vast mountain of conventional wisdom that you just need to get lots of emails and marketing your service or product to them and you will be automatically satisfied. You should not focus on finding the email lists or even buying them at the first place as mention earlier in this chapter. You should cultivate and build your email list one by one. However, don’t worry, I will help you.

This is not a get rich quick scheme, but a get rich slow long term plan. If you have a job, I will not recommend you to quick your job and start this new Internet business. You still need income while you are learning the system and building your lists. But in few month or a year later, if you actually spend at least 5 hours in your business, you can create a successfully Internet business and sell anything you want to sell.

Although some people might be able to accomplish the amazing transform seems quickly or somehow overnight success, but normally it is not true. We sometimes only see the tip of the ice mountain. We only see that success entrepreneur, think how lucky they are to have thousands of customers, and can print the money when they need it. However, we did not see the painstaking and humble beginning these entrepreneurs are taking. If just like we only see the surface (front-end of the system) and forget about the structure (back-end of the system). House without a good structure, regarding how good it is design or its color, it will crash. Therefore, if we try to by-pass all the steps and try to create the same results as they are, it might work, for temporary but it will not last long.

That’s why I have seen someone making six digits income this month and make nothing next month when his speculating run out of luck and become an email spam blacklist. Just remember all other successfully entrepreneur or so call experts or guru have also started this business from scratch, and the difference is that you are persistence, and they are ripping what they saw in earlier days. In this book, you are going to learn the same information that they have learned, but I will provide you lift and hope it will save you years of struggle because I like to do it right at the beginning, and I believe you too. Also, the information presented here are newer and more practical and in the more street smarter way.

What are the ways to drive the traffic to your website and build your subscribers lists?

Since there are so many ways you can use to create your list, I will only list those that I or other Internet marketers I know had tried and had successfully created good results in 2015. For those that does not work very well in 2015 like Business Cards, Telemarketing, Website Polls, Puzzles, Games for people sign up to play, Jokes and Humor on website, Guestbook, RSS, Quizzes (you give visitors a trivia questions and invite them to sign up for correct answers), Prize Drawings, Instagram Photos Marketing, Copywriting, and Web-cards, I will not list in this book even though they were proven successful way to build the list in the past.

For those interested in the paid service like Google Pay-Per-Click (PPC) and Facebook Pixel, you can contact the vendor for the detail and those offline marketing like classifieds ads, printed newsletters, Radio, TV and Postcards, Pencils or notepads marketing aids, Direct Mail, Brochures, Fundraisers, Hire sales and etc. are excluded from this list because I will focus on the on-line list building only.

Here are twenty important Internet marketing strategies:

  1. SEO. Google has changed the rules of SEO so you cannot cheap to get on the top of listing by trick on your keyword anymore. Nevertheless, optimize your website with proper keyword phrases is still a require steps to give search engine the ability to find your web page.  Whenever you have a new blog posting or any new web pages created, to be indexed correctly, the keyword setup is vital. Your website should have a function to do this automatically for you. I learn many SEO techniques from Matthew Woodward ( and Brian Dean (
  2. Google Analytics. To make sure you focus your precious time on things that get results and repeat them repeatedly, you want your site to have the tracking monitored by Good Analytics so you can monitor your visitor and traffic frequently. If you get confused with these marketing, you can take a look at the Google Analytics help section or just join the List Buildings Money Making System challenge full training video here (Link URL: Please email [email protected] for your password..)
  3. Website tracking: your website should also have its tracking function to track how the visitors are coming and leaving from your site and what page they still and how long and how they response to a various promotion or offers you’re actively promoted.
  4. Blog publishing. Post your blog regularly and place a subscriber sign up box in each issue. Let your visitor know that they can share this article with others or post on their websites. It is better to provide content that your visitors can’t read anywhere like those studies related to your product or services (Advertorials) and invite your visitor to sign up for a future edition. Besides pointing to your blog, you can do the guest posting as well.
  5. Set up the Forums on your website and write forums on others website. You can invite forum guests to sign up.  When you see any topic, you can answer, you can come up and answer, and you can mention your services too. Also, offer little free help on another forum when you can in any of the particular areas that are in your niche. This is to build a long-term reputation of your business.
  6. Event. Provide any new event like Webinar, workshops, speaking, seminar, Industry events, Skye event and post it on the site to supply visitor the opportunity to registration for the event.
  7. Presentation. Post video presentation about your service, product, and reviews to convert those repeated visitors to subscribers. Invite them to share their views and offer to thank you gift in exchange for signing up for future presentation.
  8. E-commerce. Activate your shopping site with at least a PayPal shopping cart on the checkout to sell free products but ask the visitor to pay the shipping cost. This way, you will capture email, and address to upsell them in the future. If you sell information, music or service instead of physical products, you can create Free CD/DVD and charges your visitor for the shipping only deal to collect their information. You can also create Amazon FBA to sell your product or service, gather leads, and create an eBay account to auction off your report or eBooks and collect leads.
  9. Create an online Chat function. This is one of the ways to interact with visitors and convert them into the subscribers in real time while they are on your website. Your website should have this function.
  10. Membership Site. A paid or a free membership site to attract visitor to sign up to gain access. It is necessary for every website.
  11. Consulting, mentors and coaching. Offer your help through the contact us or sign-up form. You can provide them one on one education and consulting service to help achieve their goal faster.
  12. Course. You can add powerpoint or video of the online course like Udemy ( It is not hard to set up a course on Udemy, your written or recorded course.  You just need to add sign up boxes or a form on your website to direct the students to be the subscribers as well. Although I strongly encourage you to write your course material as an eBook, you can produce a manual or article for your class as well. That way, you just need 2-15 pages to cover the entire course. However, if you don’t have anything written yet, or you do not want to write, you can hire a co-writer from website ( to get the start.
  13. EBooks. The course you have written or special reports you have built in the past can be compiled into one and be published as an eBook.  Most people enjoy reading the book that related to the topic they like and therefore, helps them to better their life or solve their problem.  You can create your author website in Amazon with your site link and attract the reader to sign up for your newsletter.
  14. Audio. You can turn your eBook into an audio book or audio clips and use it to invite your readers to sign up and download the complete audio book.
  15. Video. You can add video presentation to your eBook upload to Youtube for a free chapter’s introduction or special presentation to show viewer where they can sign up for the accompanying eBook.
  16. Podcast. You can host your radio show and broadcast your infomercials.
  17. Software. You can create your own SaaS (Software As A Service) company and provide the service to the subscribers. If you are not a programmer, you can hire one or contact us because we can build software that fits your need.
  18. Affiliate program. Post your ads, sponsorship or write an article about how your service or product can help them, as your affiliate.  On your affiliate program, you want to invite your visitors to sign up to your list through the link to your site. You can also make the link exchanges with your affiliate and encourage the visitor to sign up and share the list with your affiliate.  I sell product on Amazon, JV Zoo and Click Bank, and they are my favorite affiliate site.
  19. Joint Venture and Partnership. If affiliate cooperation works well, you can create joint ventures to team up with other entrepreneurs to swap ads to share with lists to generate more sign-ups, or to help each other through partnership and offer your new products. In the relationship, you offer your strong area and team up; others offer their strong area too.
  20. Press Releases. When you have news or article, you can submit one to the public press release site like ( for coverage. In the Press Release, you want to add your website link so the reader can click the link to request for more information from you or subscribe to your newsletter.