How do you integrate these tips into actions

First, you need to target your products, services or promotions to your specific target audience.  You need to create your website first. In your site, you will sell your service, information, or product to your target customers. You can have multiple sites to offer difference services, information, and products. You can have multiple companies’ setups and multiple streams of income. However, I encourage you to focus on one niche only at a time. Do not try to build a music business website, a vitamin supplement website, and SaaS (Software as a Service) website at the same time. Although these are not hard to do, and I can show you few known strategy of how to build money making website in just a few minutes. Besides the $5 monthly hosting fee and $2.99 annual domain registration cost, the rest of your out of pack cost is zero, and you get to have every piece of tools and to make the List Buildings Money Making business right away with no cost to you.

Think about a system, not random tasks

Rory Vaden in his book, Procrastinate on Purpose: 5 Permissions to Multiply Your Time, talk about an important concept of TEAdM, which is Task, Elimination, Automation & Delegation and Me doing it. If you are doing it, make sure you are must do it, otherwise think about it again, can you eliminate it, automate it or delegate it. This is the system to show you how to automate and delegate the entire system without you do much of the work.

To build a successfully on-line business, you will need a great website and many customers/followers. As Jeff Walker mentions in his book, launch, he said one customer’s email is equal one US dollar per year. Another word, if you have 70,000 on-line customers/followers, you should at the minimum make around $ 70,000 annually. That should be the start of the end of the job.

Therefore, when you start a business, the first thing is to have a system. The first thing you need to know is why focusing online list building is the first thing you need to do to grow your online business. Many authors have mentioned about list building in various eBook. For example, Nathalie Lussier in her book, List Building, suggests answering these questions before you start building your email list.

  •        Do you have a blog or website that you are proud to send people to?
  •        Are there enough people visiting your blog on a regular basis?
  •        Do people join your email list on a consistent basis?
  •        Are you blogging on a regular schedule that feels comfortable for you?
  •        Have you built a network of like-minded bloggers that you can support and be supported by?
  •        Does your blog employ SEO and are the right people finding your blog?
  •        Do you have a social media presence that engages your audience and spreads your influence?

The very first thing you need to focus on when you are building an online business is setting up your web foundation. That means your website, event, forum, blog, video presentation, e-commerce, and so on.  You can get either a subdomain like “” or your domain like “”. It is better to get your domain and host your website so you would have in control of your business.

As Felix Dennis said in his book titled, ‘how to get rich,’ the number 1 rule of the business is that you should have to control your primary technology. It is okay to have someone host your site and application while you start your business but many experiences on-line marketer, and entrepreneur I know all have hosted their site and control their code. If you are doing this route, you can someday host your application and become a SaaS (Software As A Server) for other customers. I will discuss this in detail in another book of how to launch your SaaS Company.

For the beginner, you can get your site hosted by many of the domain registration company like GoDaddy, HostGater, HostMetro that I used all of them before and hosted your domain name there. Then you can use the free theme to create your website in the host service provider.

For the advanced user, you can register your domain name at GoDaddy and then host your site on Digital Ocean. I host my entire site with Digital Ocean. Then you can create your website without using WordPress. There are many tools to create your website; the easiest way is to use an open source Python platform like, and you can also modify the code to fit your need and even host the server for others. I mention this SaaS foundation earlier.