How do you build a Blog with traffic using white hat SEO


Is it possible to rank your site in Google with nothing but quality content?

In reading the Google Webmaster Guidelines (you can see this video here), the game of blogging seems to create an excellent content and have readers that love your article so they can subscribe your newsletter, share their opinion with their social network. If that is the case, I will say that the content and some promotion of your website is all you need to do on your blogging. Is that true? I have done a case study on this and see if this is a case. The case study will have two parts. One is the Content, and another one is on Promotion.

1. Content:

Now that Google says the only way your site is being indexed better is because your content is good. That makes sense because good content attracts more view and links. But what is a great content exactly? According to Google Webmaster, here are five ideas summarized from them:

a. Be an authority in your niche in your blog

b. Be original in your blog with your research

c. The content must help people and the community, therefore, create value to others

d. Create how-to and tutorial type of blog, create useful resources and able to answer questions to your visitors

e. Able to create video and upload to Youtube for example that associate to your blog content

Well, it seems to be very generic advises without some of the technical implementation requirement behinds it. Most of our blog content is just something about our daily life, experiences and something we just happen to focus on and some kids of opinion to a thing or a product. That seems to be a problem with ranking high on the Google search engine according to Google.

Therefore, the strategy for content writing should be jammed pack with excellent how to and helpfully researched content with some data or personal experiences to support it.

Google has another video talking about the Thin Content that is something we will try to avoid to follow the Google Search Engine (SEO) guideline.Try not to be, a doorway page (wrong PBN site), cookies cutter website with little useless content.

2. The Promotion:

Most of the blogger rely on the Google search engine to drive traffic to their site. According to Google, publish high-quality content should naturally drive high quality of visitor to your site. As more people discover your content, more people to share and link, the more exposure to your site. Another word, if the content is so good, it will promote itself because when people read about it and fall in love with it, they will share it with email, or follow on Facebook, Twitter, etc. But how to have a visitor to comes to your site to read your excellent content at the first place? According to Matthew Woodward, an established and a successful blogger, they use this strategy to attract his visitors:

a. He posts forums to help answer other people question in a website like TrafficPlanet, WarriorForum, and DigitalPoint

b. He is commenting other people’s blog posts with a link to his website if related.

c. He has his own Facebook and Twitter and other social media account that promote your blog on his website.

d. Give visitors goodies, like free eBooks or free personal resources when they subscribe your newsletter or share your page to their social network. You can also just ask visitors to share straight.

e. Sign up Google Alerts to find out what other blogger write about in your Niche and write something based on the trend. For example, if your Niche is web development, then you can ask Google Alerts to send all web development related article to you. That way, you will know what other blogger write about and know how your competitor in your Niche is writing on their website.

You might say that you have never created a video tutorial for other, or you are relied heavy on PBN or SEO to get your site rank and traffic, but now Google asks us to rely on creating great content? That’s why I am always trying to write a tutorial and more helpful materials that can benefit readers instead of a just product review or opinion on something.

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