Here are the steps to optimizing your existing content


a. Post your blogs and also guest posting on other sites

You can start to write your blogs, and you can submit a guest post to other community blogs. Your goal is writing an excellent article and attracts the reader to sign in. You want to make sure your topic and headline is spot on. You can also find the website that accepts the guest blogging. You can check out lists of guest blogging website organized by Peter Sandeen ( Once you have identified few site to post on, just copy and paste your blog to that internet site.

b. Post forum: You can use the forum to build your list. You can first start to post few topics on your own Forum.   You can start by posting on other high traffic forums about the topic of your niche as well. You want to become a leading authority in your area and answering questions, posting good content and solving other peoples’ problem. Do not spam members with your link? You may want to add video to your site.

c. Create one or two videos on your website first: You can also use the video to build your list. To produce high-quality video, you can purchase apps like FilMiC pro for filming, Pinnacle Pro for video editing.  If you have extra budget, you can also purchase Studio White Muslin Backdrops for the professional white background.

d. Write your biography

You want to create your bio on each blog of your site. It will display like an author bio. Your reader who is reading your blog may also want to know you, and the author bio is the best place to introduce yourself. You want your reader to know about you, your character, and experience and how you can help them achieve the result. However, do not put the biography too early in the blog or any other place on your website as it might cause a visitor to get distracted from your primary activity, which is to capture their email.

e. Build an Affiliate relationship.

Either you want to get your article posted on other people’s website, sell other product or service, or exchange the links, you can contact another Internet marker, send a lovely email to the owner of the site through their contact us page. Think about what is for the site owner not in for you only.  You can also ask to interview them and make this a strategy to build a further relationship. Once you grow your subscriber, you may have some people approach you for an interview, and you will know that you are on the right track.

You want to be friends with others successful entrepreneur. You want to invite them to write in your blog, and you write theirs. You can also place your affiliate’s ads in your newsletter, and they do the same with yours. In fact, once your website become popular, or you have more subscribers, you may have people wanting to purchase advertising spot in your newsletter.  Whenever your customer buys a product or a service from your affiliates through your newsletter or website, you will also make a portion of the commission off the sale. If you do not have any subscriber yet, you can offer your site for free advertising in exchange for an affiliate status with them as well.

Besides this, you can also sell other relevant products on your website or newsletter. For example, you can sell real Internet Marketing eBooks of others through the by adding a link to your site or newsletter. Again, your product should relate to the type of business you are running. Remember, you should never stop building your lists in this business. Always think about the best way that you can get people to sign up. The more subscribers on your list, the most will hear what you have to offers. A great product or service without the people to sell to is useless.

You can provide for a competitor for prizes at your website events to give away goods. Your website should have event building, and you can create a great webinar presentation to those who might be interested in your service. You should have the ability to create a presentation video using your phone (preferable) or any smartphone or cameras. The event will link to your calendar and autoresponder to send the email update to your subscriber. The reason you do this is you want to upsell your service to your customer.  You can swap advertising with your competitor and create a win-win situation if you already have some subscribers.

f. Schedule a live online event – webinar.

You want to make sure you have your event schedule. A webinar is a great way to convert a visitor to subscribers. I recommend using the Google Plus Hangout webinar software.

g. Tapping into the networks that you are already a subscriber. Let your Facebook, and other social network friends to know about your service or product. Set up you social media platform like Twitter, Linked-in, Google+ and designate a Facebook page that links to your homepage invite your existing audience to join you and ask questions. In your social media, you can invite people to your chat party or ask other guest experts to talk with your audience. As people join the party, their friends and followers will see the activity in their feed and because of the curiosity, they may want to follow you on your social media platform as well. Don Wilson’s Facebook Demystified book has very detail on this particular topic.

Twitter is an excellent way to attract subscribers if you have content on a blog, podcast or Youtube channel. It’s best used to do content marketing. Instead of pushing people to check out your squeeze page, you will promote the content that ultimately leads to your subscription points. Twitter is best used to connect with people interested in your topic, share other people’s content and then occasionally link to your content. Tom Ewer has great information regarding Twitter. You can check out this post where he shows how he built a Twitter following from scratch.

H. Smartphone is quickly replacing desktop and laptop computing as the preferred tool for accessing the Internet. You can leverage this trend by creating a website that looks week on the smartphone as well. The website you created has this function to ensure you site look nice.




I post comments on the blogs you wrote on your site and another website that you have posted your blogs.

As mention earlier, you want to response to people comments to show you care and you engage actively. This is a crucial way to build your credibility for growing subscribers. Remembers, you want not use the blogs to make money. You are using the blog to build your trust and relationship with your readers. This will help you to success in the end. A genuine and valuable comment is the best. Ask your friends to form a wolf pack where you both work together; it is very good. You post on their blog, and they replicate the same.

J. Create “Pinned” visuals

You can place an attractive headline that is pinned. For example, you can look at the some sample series about how those famous writers write. On each writer, there is a picture of the authors and their writing space. These images make a well-pinned content.





You can also create a simple content like this to attract visitors.





To sum this all up, great success always starts with a little action. You will need to schedule and write the blog for your subscribers frequently. If you cannot write well, you can hire someone to write your blog for you and be your part-time employee. You can find them on the,, etc. You will have other writers to bid on your projects, and you will select those that you will choose to write the blog or eBooks for you. For those thousands of writers out there, you just need to find one that fit your budget and hire them to work for you part-time or on the project basis. Many of this writer can also offer you the graphic design for your eBooks cover or website artwork using Photoshop etc.

3. Publish a Kindle book.

Most of the reader will always want to purchase or rent an eBook from Amazon when they are looking for information and want to learn something. Although the search engine can find everything on the website today, for the eBook can help reader for a system approach to learning to digest of someone years of experiences into a book.

Kindle Publishing; Kindle book readers make excellent email subscribers. They have already purchased something from you, so that means they are more likely to take action on your content. Kindle traffic starts with a great reading experience. Create something that is helpful and people will want to learn more about you. The easiest way to encourage this action is to promote your lead magnet in the front or back of your book. This “blurb” should explain why the free offer is valuable, with a link to download it.

There is a lot more to learn about Kindle publishing. In fact, I have written three books on the subject. One of them covers all the different techniques I use to market on this platform: 61 Ways to Sell More Nonfiction Kindle Books. The Long-Term Impact of Traffic Generation Traffic generation is not something you do one time. A task requires a weekly, monthly, and even yearly commitment. In fact, after setting up an email list, getting traffic should become one of your top priorities.

4. Using paid advertising likes Facebook Pixel or Google AdWords pay per click

I thought I do not need to mention any paid advertising server since I assume you are just started in this business. However, if you are using paid advertising service, Facebook Pixel or Google Ad Words can be a good choice to boost your opt-in rates.

Google Ad Words

In our website, we have the tool for you to set up Ad Words quickly. Google Ad Words is different from Facebook because you target keywords instead of a particular type of person. You only pay for the visitor click on your website.




Facebook Pixel

Although this is not a free service, Internet marketing guru Bill Davis, in his book, List Building Blueprint, he recommends using the Facebook Pixel to get the incoming traffic to your website. The old name for that service is called conversion tracking pixel and in the second half of 2016, Facebook will change and called the Facebook Pixel.The Facebook pixel is a tool to measure, optimize and build audiences for your ad campaigns on the Facebook. You can use either the Facebook pixel or your opt-in page to connect to the landing page on your website.

If you just start, you can focus on the SEO optimization and “Share this Page” link tracker monitor.