Content Marketing in Extreme Part 1

Part 1. Content Marketing in Extreme.

1. for your visitors to listen

2. for your visitors to read

3. for your visitors to watch

We cannot just build a site or create a blog then wait for people to come. This will not generate any traffic for you. I know you like to post on Facebook and youtube, but if you do not have already 1000 subscribers, this will not work too

The only way to increase your subscribers from zero to one thousand the fastest way is to discuss in these tutorial serials. Many of the skill I was learning from internet gurus like Uday Shankar By (author of the 10,000 visitors guaranteed, 99+ best internet marketing and branding blueprint) and Red Mikhail (7X YOUR BLOG TRAFFIC). 

Creating quality content is important. SEO is good but since Google changes websites’ optimization result, it is not as effective as before anymore, but you still can use SEO to keep your site relatively attractive. The question is how a beginner with no subscribers would boost his site. Just like putting a rocket on your back instead of crawling all the way, Instead of writing hundreds of thousands of articles each year and getting nobody to read them, you should write just an average ten articles per month and focus on creating more subscribers to your site. Of course, if you love writing, write as many as possible, and it is great too.

The secret is to make your subscriber listen to your blog first. I know you might say, why not youtube, is the best? Well, I will talk about that but without the foundation of this step, your YouTube subscribers won’t increase too much unless you really have a very super great video that everyone want to see. If you have very few subscribers, your great video won’t be popular until years later, and that is not the strategy I recommend here for a beginner on their top of their list. Facebook is good, but again, you need to have big subscriber base unless you want to pay Facebook money to advertise your blog, which is rarely an option (budget reason) for a beginner.

You should write great and original content then take it to millions of people, in a format; there is no extra effort to get it. Also, you should have all your content published automatically without extra work so you can concentrate on writing great content at your newbie stage. Our goal is to get the visitor to our site and subscribe our newsletter so we can later generate income through these subscribers. However, to do that, we need to help your guest first; we need to provide great information for them, and they can easily get it easily.

First, you want to make your visitor listen to your content. Not everybody has time to read an article or watch an article (if they are driving, they cannot watch). Therefore, you need to reach people through the podcasts first. Podcasting is an audio distribution of the content through the internet and allows everyone to distribute to their friends and to create like-minded friends.

If you have odoo 9websites set up, all your blogs are ready for podcasting without any modification. If you have to use the WordPress, you can install the plugin to accomplish the same thing. If you don’t know how to install the odoo 9 or WordPress, you can check my channel for some good tutorial.

If you are using Odoo 9 or WordPress or other tools out there that do similar function like Zoho CRM etc., you can create a site or distribution your sites without any programming skills. First, you just need to upload your article to one major website and your article will be converted to a podcast and be able to listen to all over the world. If you do this correctly, you should be able to see your website traffic take off. You can use the Google Analytics (it is fully integrated with Odoo 9 and WordPress).

You just need a computer, a microphone and some audio editing software like Audacity (open source free software). If you already have the blog in video format, the system that I am going to talk about can convert them to the audio format for you.

Here is the step:

1. Once you have your blog record in a mp3 or mp4 format, you can upload to RSS podcast feed.

2. Go to the, type your blog feed address. If you are using Odoo 9, your blog feed address by default is “http://your-site-name/blog/1/feed”.

3. Check the “I am a Podcaster” and click on next.

4. The Feed burner will add your blog feed to their server, and that’s it.

5. You can now submit it to iTunes and other podcast directories to get them know your blog.

6. In the Feed burner, you can also setup the subscription buttons on your site so that people can subscribe to your RSS podcast feed. If you have Odoo 9, this is already setup.

7. In every blog you wrote, make sure you have a strong call and ask them to go to your website to subscribe. Your words can be like this: “Thank you and I’m available to help you with this, just go to my website at, and sign up for my mentorship, service, newsletter, etc.” you know what to do.

8. Depends on your blog topic, if you don’t get lots of traffic to your site, don’t get discouraged. From zero to hundred subscribers is the hardest part. Once you have more than 100 subscribers, it gets earlier, and once you have 1000 subscribers, you will be amazed how these people all show-up and you don’t see them at the first place?

9. Once you have 100 subscribers, you should increase your visibility on the YouTube and Facebook sites.

10. Please let me know if you have any questions or if you need help on doing this, just drop me an email at [email protected] or contact us at