Build a rapport with your customer


The best way to build a relation; the best way to create a budding relationship ship with the client is to think about the imagination customer mentioned in Day 2. Who is your perfect client? Reflect on how to solve their problem and provide a super service to them. This is not a get rich quick strategy and yes, you need to cultivate your subscriber to make them from cold to warm then to hot. This should all be done before you will be able to attract more of the same perfect customers to your life.

Besides that, you will need to get in touch with your customers at a scheduled time and often. Do not contact them just because you want to sell them something. Contact them when you have something interesting things in your life you want to share or something you believe will benefits them. Either auto responder or broadcaster message is the right way to communicates to your subscribers.

However, one of the Internet guru, Russell Brunson, says in his book the Dotcom Secret. He said you contacted them daily for 4-5 days with an Autoresponder just like a Soap opera drama sequences. What you should do is, leave some unanswered, unresolved or unfinished business on the 1st email and then on the 2nd, you provide the answer or the sequential of the 1st email, then you put some puzzles on the 2nd email and make the subscribers anticipate your next email. Alternatively, you can provide something like five days playing to better your life (or loss weight or something benefit your reader, etc., you got my point), and teach a condense5 days better your life lessons. Each lesson in the email is tied to each other, and you may provide the video or link for your subscriber to watch or do their homework and contact you for any questions. This way you can convert your cold lead to a warmer lead. You also should talk about a product launch in the email, but sometimes you don’t want to make every email you sent smell like a sales letter.

The Broadcast email can be either a real-time email or a scheduled email that you mail out at least once a week. The broadcast email can contain the topic of anything, and it is just like Seinfeld sequence according to Russell Brunson. Because it talks about everything of your life and what you do and little about the product you want to sell to them. For example, these broadcast emails can be your book review, your quote and explain, your daily routine or even something might not related to your service or product at all. However, you want to let your subscribers know you. You can add 20% of the content to talk about your business or just put them in the P.S and P.P.S section at the bottom of the email message.

Please make sure that 10-20% of content should still relate to what you have to offer (your product or service etc.) that can better your subscribers life. Although you can write your broadcast in real time and email out in real time, you may just pre-write them and schedule them to send out in the future date so you won’t forget or unable to access your computer during the scheduled broadcast. Remember, build a healthy relationship requires frequent on-sales contacts. Sometimes when I conduct a webinar, and many will ask me how your kids, family, study, etc. are. Those are all very personal questions even though I have never talked to that person before. This happens because of the daily, weekly or twice weekly broadcast emails you sent. 

Because my subscribers receive this schedule email from me, the distance between the subscribers and me are drawing closer every day. You want to be personally there to assist them, and you want them to see your personal life, what you do in the spare time, how you manage your life with your work, family, church, your kids, etc. I know you will say I am a shy person and why do I have to disclosure these things to other. Well, you don’t have to, but just find a way to communicate with your subscriber in a personal tone, okay?  Here is a story of mind:

When I was conducting a webinar since I am a musician and have a self-published album, so subconsciously, I seem to attract many of musician to my circle of friends and many of them male. However, in one webinar I was showing my triplet and tell my subscribers that we have fraternal triplets in our house. My wife is working so hard raising them while I was struggling to make money to make ends meet in early life. Anyway, after the webinar, I notice that I have more buyers to come in buy the product, and I can see more lady are among them too. So, don’t be afraid to tell your story, if you want to people to like you, then don’t hide like you are CIA or FBI agent, or some top secret guy. But of course, you want them to know you through your personal life only; you don’t want to involve your family directly into the business if you don’t want to. You can put your family out as a model, but you also want to protect your family’s private life. So don’t mention too detail besides that fact that people can see, or you may be the opposite effects.

You also need to ask your customer need and concerns frequently. You can use questionnaires or survey to get them involved. Ask them what they need to do to achieve their goal; what is their trouble now that stops them from doing something to better their life, or making more money online, etc. Send them gift occasionally. It would be a free report, free website, free membership access, or printed report that they are interested or even a CD or DVD or anything physical gifts.